With the need to limit and control access to sensitive data and specific areas within the workplace, having a correctly designed access control system is a requirement that has become a vital part in today’s business world.

Our access control system will allow the safe movement of authorised employees, visitors, contractors etc, throughout the workplace; it will help prevent loss of stock and personal possessions whilst keeping sensitive information safe. It can also be used alongside vehicle barriers, to control vehicular traffic to and from a site, whilst allowing the same ID token to be used to grant users access to and from the premises.

With an access control solution designed and installed by Redpcline you have the ability to have a tailor made system using the latest access control technologies ranging from smart card / token applications to feature rich biometric systems, all of which are scalable, flexible  and  easy to use.


A Door Entry System or Intercom is a means of granting access to a visitor remotely to a locked entrance, as in apartment blocks, reception areas, vehicle entrances and secure / restricted areas, and operate as audio or audio / video systems.

Remote Door Opening and Two Way Communication. A visitor announces themselves by pressing a call button located at the entrance which then activates single or multiple receivers. Once the receiver/handset is lifted, a two way conversation is initiated, and if video, one way live images are also displayed. The person receiving the call can then authorise access for the visitor remotely from their current location using a button on the receiver unit. On some applications this can be operated utilising an existing telephone system.


To clock in an employee presents either a card or key fob to the time clock or enters a unique ID number. They place their finger on the biometric clocking in machine which verifies the presented finger.

Clocking on a fingerprint reader proves without doubt that the employee registering their attendance is indeed who they say they are.

Verification is the fastest method of recognition as the biometric clocking in machine knows which finger template is to be expected by reference to the card, key fob or unique ID number.

It therefore quickly confirms or rejects the presented finger, thereby ensuring swift throughput of employees at clocking times. The reading and verification of a finger takes just a few seconds.